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"Don't always accept your dogs admiration as conclusive proof that you are wonderful."

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Smuckers.jpg (100400 bytes)"Snickers"

                       "Tess" Bottoms


"Jack" says "It's a good thing I'm Irish!"




       Diane and Briar      



                 Archibald Ford:    by "Spike"        

Cinnamon: Cinnamon.jpg (83117 bytes)

Jenny & Pat: Jenney  & Pat.jpg (155903 bytes)  



         Briar Moore

NOW THIS IS HAPPY.jpg (112498 bytes) Scott & Wy.jpg (63880 bytes)  Wy & Hat.jpg (125246 bytes)   The Judy's.jpg (103986 bytes)


 Kristie and Korky                     David and Harry



Jackie (the Russell)

doing the "Tussell"

Preston and Sadie


"Bowen" Moore

"We love Jacks! (and Jills)

"Abby" and Sheri

"The Pope Family"


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