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We Breed For Sound Conformation and Outstanding Temperament
 Domestic bred and Irish Imported puppies available
Only The Best Bloodlines

Rough and Smooth Coats.
Shipping Arranged Anywhere

Stud Services Available


About Us 

We have been involved with the breeding of purebred dogs for more than 15 years and the terrier's temperament has always intrigued us. There are over 25 different breeds of terriers and as a breed they are alert, intelligent, feisty, athletic, healthy and strong. The modern Jack Russell Terrier is the absolute epitome of the ideal terrier and should exhibit all these virtues in spades.

Our Jacks are easily educated but have power over other terriers and are approached by few.  They are full of life with curiosity and anticipate events and places.  They have faithful temperaments that never falter.

May I always be the kind person my dogs think I am, 


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